Premiere Yellow Neutral Mill Roll

...the “yellow original” – Premiare in quality and performance

longer life-times and advanced product features compared to any other non-woven, Elastomer or PU roll coverings

CX and CX-Plus Series Mill Roll

...the only non-woven Roll for best preformance in highly aggresive chemical environments

in acid and and alkaline applications in the range between ph 0-14 at up to 100°C

NTX Mill Roll

...the new generation of „high perfomance“ non-woven Mill Rolls

advanced squeezing features superior in wringer and fluid-controll functions
exclusivly at OSBORN!

RK Mill Roll

...high-grip and long-life non-woven Tension and Bridle Rolls

up to 1200mm diameter outstanding in friction values and service-life compared to any other roll covering