Brush roll control system

- BUCS (Brush roll Unit Control System) controls vertical pressure of the strip and the number of rotation of the roll with optimized values in order to realize performance of diverse brush rolls.
For this, BUCS has a table of control values for each brush roll. As for the table of control values, Control values may be programmed in the programmer (installed inside the control panel).

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Brush roll control system의 원리

Operation System HMI : XGT-InfoU


Brush roll control system의 원리
Screen for brush
This collects data of facilities in real time and establishes data transferring system in order for the operator to fulfill duties of monitoring/analysing status of operation comprehensively. It performs the function of real time monitoring of a wide area as a HMI (Human Machine Interface) software package with central extensive monitoring function for a personal computer.
This allows an alarm viewer (real-time and history), trend (real-time and history), recipe viewer, list trend (real-time and history), qauge control, etc


Brush roll control system의 기능
Screen for water treatment
  • Monitoring data status comprehensively
  • Monitoring PLC special unit better
  • Monitoring operation status of sensors
  • Monitoring abnormal status of equipment
  • Switch function required for manual operation
  • Outputs actions on the monitor in case of errors
  • Outputs operation methods and information for reference
  • Input data
  • Monitoring operation status of equipment
  • Changing operation modes (Automatic, linkage, individual)